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To achieve our vision, we recognise our advocacy must be based on robust economic facts. As such, our first major undertaking was to commission and release a White Paper, Building our Nation's Resilience to Natural Disasters. This White Paper was released in June 2013.

Encouraged by the response from the Australian government - a Productivity Commission inquiry into the efficacy of Australia’s natural disaster funding arrangements (2014) - the Roundtable has gone on to release three companion reports. These are:  

How does our research inform our actions?

Our four research papers inform and drive our activities, including to:  

  • demonstrate the economic case that investing in mitigation lessens the need for recovery expenditure
  • advocate for a national open platform to centralise key natural disaster data and research
  • promote an integrated approach to community resilience and champion the effective engagement of business in building capacity
  • support government and industry decision-makers to make better infrastructure investment decisions by integrating resilience into planning, design and building processes
  • help to strengthen the technical capacity of infrastructure practitioners – from university students, to architects, engineers, town planners, government agencies and private sector project managers – to understand and value resilience as an integral part of forward-thinking infrastructure design
  • spread awareness of the significant economic cost of the social impacts of natural disasters and encourage the adoption of strategies to minimise them
  • educate the community about risk, particularly from extreme weather events.

Our actions align with the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience - endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments in February 2011.

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