Government inquiries and policies

Government inquiries and policies

Disasters triggered by natural hazards across Australia have generated a national discussion about reducing our vulnerability to natural hazard threats.

Since 2011, a number of government-led inquiries or reviews have been conducted in relation to natural disasters.

The Northern Australia Insurance Inquiry

(Interim report released 18 December 2018. Second interim report due to the Treasurer on 30 November 2019 and final report on 30 November 2020)

Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications Report: Responses to, and lessons learnt from, the January and February 2016 bushfires in remote Tasmanian wilderness

(Final report released 8 December 2016)

The Northern Australia Insurance Premiums Taskforce
(Interim report released August 2015. Final report released November 2015)

Audit of the Administration of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements by Emergency Management Australia

(Final report released 30 May 2015)

Productivity Commission Inquiry into National Disaster Funding Arrangements (issues paper)
(Final report released 1 May 2015)

Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications Report: Recent Trends in and preparedness for extreme weather events
(Final report released August 2013)

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Regulatory and Policy Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation
(Final report released March 2013)

The Federal Government’s Consultation Paper, Reforming flood insurance: A proposal to improve availability and transparency
(Submissions closed March 2012)

The Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry
(Final report released March 2012)

Australian Government Actuary Report On Investigation into Strata Title Insurance Price Rises in North Queensland
(Final report released March 2012)

The Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into Residential Strata Title Insurance
(Final report released March 2012)

The Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into the operation of the insurance industry during disaster events
(Final report released February 2012)

The Federal Government’s Natural Disaster Insurance Review
(Final report released November 2011)

Treasury Consultation Paper Reforming Flood Insurance: Clearing the Waters
(Submissions closed May 2011)

The Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC has a catalogue of inquiries and reviews and recommendations relating to emergency management/natural hazards across all jurisdictions in Australia between 1886 and 2017.