White Paper

White Paper

In June 2013, the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience and Safer Communities released a fact-based, comprehensive White Paper, Building our Nation's Resilience to Natural Disasters, through Deloitte Access Economics. The White Paper:

  • models the economics of mitigation activity in helping to inform risk reduction activities versus recovery spend;
  • identifies opportunities where governments can work with business, not-for-profit and community leaders in resilience-building activities; and
  • provides comprehensive information about risks in our community, particularly in relation to extreme weather events.

Released 20 June 2013

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White Paper (Full report 2.6 MB.pdf)

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Joint CEO Statement
Glossary and Acronyms
Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. The cost of natural disasters
3. Roles and responsibilities in disaster management
4. Building the case for resilience - Australian examples
5. Recommendations
Appendix A: Resilisence - the structure of the problem
Appendix B: Resilience - international experience
Appendix C: National forecasting methodology
Appendix D: Productivity Commission Report
Appendix E: Cost benefit analysis methodology
Appendix F: CBA Handbook

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