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Facts at a glance

Our four major reports summarised

Facts at a glance


See overviews of our four major reports containing just the crucial facts and numbers. 

Factsheet: Building Resilient Infrastructure (2016)

The quick facts on how much government spends restoring infrastructure after natural disasters - and our recommendations on how to better integrate resilience into infrastructure planning

Factsheet: The Economic Cost of the Social Impact of Natural Disasters (2016)

The quick facts on how natural disasters impact mental health, domestic violence and other social issues - and how investing in community resilience can reduce those costs. Includes case studies linking disasters such as Black Saturday to social issues such as high-risk alcohol consumption.

Resilient Infrastructure and Social Impacts reports - combined factsheet (2016)

A visual overview of the key facts, figures and statistics of both 2016 reports.

Factsheet: Building an Open Platform for Natural Disaster Resilience Decisions (2014)

The quick facts on how developing an open source platform containing crucial data would lead to better decisions and reduced exposure to natural disasters.

Factsheet: Building our Nation's Resilience to Natural Disasters (2013)

The quick facts on the estimated $560 million government spends on relief and recovery efforts after disasters - and how spending on pre-disaster resilience measures could reduce this cost.

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